Most Common Causes of Roofing Damages

Roof damages may come in all sizes and shapes that’s why it can be very hard to identify what kind of damage can be worse than it. For instance, a lacking shingle could indicate damage however, a small tear in your roof shingle near the chimney could result to causing more problem in the long run if it is not repaired as soon as possible. The following are some of the most common reasons why roof damages exist:

1. Improper Installation of Flashing

Flashing is a material which seals the spaces around the heating and cooling systems, chimney, skylights and pipes in your roofing system. If this flashing was not installed properly, there is the possibility of your shingles falling off from the roof. Aside from that, there will also be leaks.

2. Incorrect Roof Installation

Any moment a roof isn’t installed accordingly, there will always be a problem that will arise in the long run. This means that when your roof was not installed the right way as it must have been, it won’t last longer as it is expected to be.

3. Limbs and Trees

Rotting trees or limbs which hang over your roof can definitely cause a number of damages to your roof when they fall off to the ground. Professionals and experts strongly suggest that you cut any limbs before they fall and also, have a tree cut down if there’s concern which it could knock over in extremely bad weather conditions.

4. Small Animals

Small animals such as birds and even squirrels can actually cause damage to your roofing system. Not only will they make holes and cause scratches in your roofing, they can also build their homes up there. Having said that, it is always recommended that if you have animals, which chose to have their homes built in your roof should be removed as soon as possible. Neglecting this problem for even a day or two can make a big difference between a small and simple repair, and a total replacement.

5. Poor Maintenance

Always keeping your roof in tip top shape is also very important if you want to lessen the damage however, it can also be complicated if you are not certain with what it is that you have to perform. A professional and experienced roofing installation service provider advises property owners to start everything by assessing your entire roof to now if all of your shingles are still in place and is your guttering system is free of debris and clean.

6. Weather

Extremely strong wind can make your roofing system removed that means that your whole roof is totally vulnerable to this kind of extreme factor. That same weather condition can also tear off satellite dishes, gutters and antennas which are installed on your roof. While big holes and some other damages can happen if these things are torn off, that isn’t the worst that could possibly occur, though. Those things will be major projectiles and can potentially slam through your windows or someone else’s property. Because of that, you will need to ask help from a qualified professional such as those from San Antonio metal roofing.